Thailand, renowned for its beautiful beaches, royal palaces, temples and the kindness of its people, attracts many visitors every year.

This influx of tourists has opened up one of the most advantageous real estate markets in Southeast Asia.

In France, if the rental yield is painfully around 2%, it is a different story in Thailand. Depending on where you would like to invest, you will find properties with a rental yield of up to 10%per year. For this you are recommended to entrust your investment project to a real estate agency in Thailand.

This is not the only advantage to invest in the Kingdom. Indeed, Thailand has an attractive tax system for all those who wish to invest in it.

Unlike our European countries, there is no housing tax or property tax. Only a tax on property income is applied, ranging from 8 to 12%. When you buy a property in Thailand, Thai and non-French taxation will apply through the non-double taxation agreement between France and Thailand.

As for inheritance tax, they are zero for any estate less than 100 million Thai Baht(about 2,800,000 eurostoday).

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